In just a few short days the Holiday season begins. Thanksgiving! I love everything this special day represents. Sitting down with friends and family to celebrate the goodness of God, I mean really could there be anything better?
As a child this would be my day. I awoke to the amazing aroma of turkey roasting in the soon to be over crowded oven and the sounds of The Macy’s Day Parade on TV. I was so excited the year my parents bought a color TV set. WOW, Santa never looked so good!!
In our poor overworked oven, Mom would bake the most delectable sage dressing, ummm…, then there was the sweet potatoes with the melty golden and, yes sometimes burnt marshmallows on top, the traditional green bean casserole and the cornbread and corn casserole, and not to forget the pull apart dinner rolls (which actually we would forget often and we smelled the evidence of forgetting them!!). Of course, then we had sides, many, many side dishes, jello salad (ewww), tossed salad, broccoli and cauliflower salad, three bean salad the list is endless!! The Seley and McEachern families knew how to celebrate with food!
What I love remembering most, however, is working in the kitchen with my mom, my aunts and family friends before the meal and (as odd as this may sound) during the clean up. I was the chief of putting away all dried dishes, and while I was doing my “job” I would hear the laughter, stories, and dreams for the future. Sometimes there were tears of missing someone that couldn’t be with us, like when my brother was in the Navy, or the first holiday after a family member had passed. Even though, it had some sad moments the over joy of being together and joining to pray over the faithfulness of the Lord was a moment in time I never want to forget.
My encouragement to you is retell the stories of your Thanksgiving memories to your children. They will love hearing your voice and seeing your face reflect on being a child and learning the things you liked doing with your holiday.
Have a warm, and thankful Thanksgiving.
Blessings and Grace,
Bonnie Traynor