Yesterday morning, as I greeted your children I couldn’t help but notice some of the parents had very tired eyes, and several carried their coffee cups with them to bring their little ones into school. I too have struggled these last few weeks from fatigue caused by the “Blue flu”. Yes, staying up late to watch our baseball team play ball has taken its toll on us hasn’t it?

There were several important lessons that I was reminded of and have asked the teachers to share with the kids.

1. Persevere, always persevere – maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty,obstacles, or discouragement. Keep going and do your best.

2. Never, ever, give up. I would have never guessed in July that they would be in the World Series! 

3.Believe in yourself. If you want something you have to work really hard and practice, practice, practice, but it starts with believing you can accomplish the task.

3. Win with grace, or lose with grace. No one wins all the time and it’s important for our children to understand that. There is no shame in losing if you did the best you can. Learning how to lose well is something the elementary teachers have asked us to work on with our students. They have been receiving students that felt entitled to winning and would melt down when they lost because they had never experienced that. Well, from my point of view losing is very much a part of life. Learning how to deal with it well is critical for your child’s overall health.

Have a Royaly great day!


Bonnie Traynor