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Allergy Guidelines & Procedures

If your child has a food allergy please make the Director aware as soon as possible. Our desire is to keep your child safe. Our goal is to help children feel included in every single aspect of their preschool day. We believe the best possible way to do that is by having a strong partnership between parent and school.

We rely on you, the parent or primary caregiver, to take the initiative and responsibility to instruct the preschool staff on how and what your child might need.

Meet with the teacher before school starts to explain your child’s situation. See the additional forms below regarding your child’s allergies. 
Additional Forms for Allergies

Because we are a licensed facility, please complete these additional forms:

  • Snack is a normal part of the preschool day. You will need to provide a safe snack for your child. The teachers will be sure to seat the child away from any offending snack. We suggest that a special snack that would work for party days for your child is kept at the preschool.
Inclement Weather Policy

Our school policy is if Blue Valley School District closes or has a late arrival for reasons due to weather, then Awesome Kids Preschool will be closed.

Classroom Calendars

2023 – 2024 School Year @ a Glance >

Download classroom CALENDARS below:

2 1/2 Year Olds (Busy Bees)
3 Year Olds (Friendly Frogs & Eager Elephants)
4 Year Olds (Brave Bears & Mighty Monkeys)
5 Year Olds (Lovable Lions)

Parenting Resources


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