Dear Parents,

I hope this finds you healthy and well. There have been questions and confusion regarding the new CDC guidelines for the general public. Let me bring clarity to this complex issue as it pertains to AKP.  The January CDC guideline states specifically “recommended quarantine period for susceptible exposed individuals to five days, followed by “STRICT MASK USE” for an additional five days for those over the age of 2 because individuals may be capable of spreading COVID-19 up to 10 days.  Therefore, after consulting Johnson County Health Department and taking their recommendations for preschools into consideration, we will proceed with the JCHDE guidelines listed below:

Here are our COVID guidelines going forward:

  • After your child has been exposed they need to test on day 6 or later a test taken earlier will most likely give you a negative result 
  • IF the child’s PCR test comes back negative (taken on day 6 or later) they can return to school the following day, as long as they have had no symptoms.
  • IF you choose not to test the child, they can return on the 11th day after exposure without ANY symptoms
  • IF the child tested positive then they can return on the 11the day after their symptoms began
  • I will need a copy of their negative PCR test result for their file at the time of their return

Breathe Grace…

Mrs. Traynor
Awesome Kids Preschool Director