As the kids, staff and I watch the excavation of what we formerly called our playground take place I can’t help but reminisce on what was there previously.  It was an area of child’s play, of running super sonic fast, a place to climb and hide, Land to dig and discover earth worms and spiders. It was known for the countless soccer, baseball, football and chase games. It was home to the infamous climber that most teachers didn’t care for but the children loved and achieved great accomplishments of independence and strength. On the chopped up mulch lived a very friendly caterpillar that could be climbed on, slid down and ridden on. In the middle of this mulchy area was a great climbing structure that stretched to the sky. It quickly became a pirate ship, and a restaurant where the most flavorful mud ice cream cones were sold. At a glance the children could be seen singing from the tower or giving a loud warning to the “bad” guys that the “good” guys were there to save the day. On the really hot days of summer the little ones would sit beneath its shade and find comfort from the sun. It provided us with great moments in time and we are thankful for those opportunities.

Now in the playgrounds space is turned up sod and mulch. Piles and piles of gravel sit beside the once kid friendly land. There is every kind of yellow construction machinery thing out there doing its job. The kids are having a ball watching what is taking place. I personally find great comfort in that fact because you see I am resistant to change. I like my routine and my normal to stay in place. Jesus uses the sweet faces of the children to remind me that He is in the midst of these changes and that I am to trust Him and Him alone in this season of change.