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Navigating News Events

Recently, I was at gymnastics watching my grandson when some parents began sharing their dismay of the violent events that occurred in Paris. They were wondering how to help their children navigate such sadness and devastation.  My go to guy is always Dr. Fred Rogers…yes Mr. Rogers. Even though, he doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the new children’s television shows, he is a renowned expert in Early Childhood. Let me share some of his insights with you. The children are keenly aware of their parent’s expressions and voices. They do KNOW something is wrong by watching and listening to the significant people in their lives. Media coverage is very confusing and scary for young children. The same video segment may be shown over and over again, for your child  these are separate events. Children can’t tell the difference between what is close and what is far away, what is real and what is pretend, or what is new and what is rerun. When there is tragic news, the images on TV are most often much to graphic and disturbing for young children.  Turn off the TV – perhaps watching it only after they have gone to bed would be best.   Here is the gold nugget: “When your child does see scary things in the news, look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping. Children are comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world. Help your children focus on the helpers.”

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Thanksgiving Indeed!

In just a few short days the Holiday season begins. Thanksgiving! I love everything this special day represents. Sitting down with friends and family to celebrate the goodness of God, I mean really could there be anything better? As a child this would be my day. I awoke to the amazing aroma of turkey roasting in the soon to be over crowded oven and the sounds of The Macy's Day Parade on TV. I was so excited the year my parents bought a color TV set. WOW, Santa never looked so good!! In our poor overworked oven, Mom would bake the most delectable sage dressing, ummm..., then there was the sweet potatoes with the melty golden and, yes sometimes burnt marshmallows on top, the traditional green bean casserole and the cornbread and corn casserole, and not to forget the pull apart dinner rolls (which actually we would forget often and we smelled the evidence of forgetting them!!). Of course, then we had sides, many, many side dishes, jello salad (ewww), tossed salad, broccoli and cauliflower salad, three bean salad the list is endless!! The Seley and McEachern families knew how to celebrate with food! What I love remembering most, however, is working in the kitchen with my mom, my aunts and family friends before the meal and (as odd as this may sound) during the clean up. I was the chief of putting away all dried dishes, and while I was doing my "job" I would hear the laughter, stories, and dreams for the future. Sometimes there were tears of missing someone that couldn't be with us, like when my brother was in the Navy, or the first holiday after a family member had passed. Even [...]

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Thank You Royals!

Yesterday morning, as I greeted your children I couldn't help but notice some of the parents had very tired eyes, and several carried their coffee cups with them to bring their little ones into school. I too have struggled these last few weeks from fatigue caused by the “Blue flu”. Yes, staying up late to watch our baseball team play ball has taken its toll on us hasn’t it? There were several important lessons that I was reminded of and have asked the teachers to share with the kids. 1. Persevere, always persevere - maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty,obstacles, or discouragement. Keep going and do your best. 2. Never, ever, give up. I would have never guessed in July that they would be in the World Series!  3.Believe in yourself. If you want something you have to work really hard and practice, practice, practice, but it starts with believing you can accomplish the task. 3. Win with grace, or lose with grace. No one wins all the time and it’s important for our children to understand that. There is no shame in losing if you did the best you can. Learning how to lose well is something the elementary teachers have asked us to work on with our students. They have been receiving students that felt entitled to winning and would melt down when they lost because they had never experienced that. Well, from my point of view losing is very much a part of life. Learning how to deal with it well is critical for your child’s overall health. Have a Royaly great day!   Bonnie Traynor

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Voice Mail System is Not Working

If you have called and left a message at 913.402.2730 for the preschool since Monday, February 10, please email me instead what questions you may have at bonniet@ccefc.org. Unfortunately, the voice mail server is down and my voice mail messages will not retrieved.  

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New Family Registration Postponed

With the forecast of heavy snowfall for the next few days we are postponing New Family Registration until FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7 starting at 9:00am. I will be checking my emails often so if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at bonniet@ccefc.org. Have fun playing in the snow with your little ones!! Bonnie Traynor  

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Thanksgiving Prayer

As I prepare my heart for the Thanksgiving festivities I was skimming through some devotionals to find just the right words to pray when I came upon this prayer. I have to admit to you that I am a victim of rushing. I rush from here to there and back. A band named Alabama has a song called “I’m In A Hurry and I Don’t Know Why”. My soul totally resonates with the words in this song. Here is a link to the lyrics if you care to listen to it. http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/alabama/iminahurryanddontknowwhy.html So today and maybe just for today I will slow down. I’ll be intentional about spending time with the Lord Jesus and tell Him how I adore Him and want what He wants for me and my life. I’ll slow my pace to search for His face, to see His smile and experience His grace. Please accept this prayer as a simple offering from me to your family as we begin the Holiday season. A Thanksgiving Day Prayer Lord, so often times, as any other day When we sit down to our meal and pray We hurry along and make fast the blessing Thanks, amen. Now please pass the dressing   We're slaves to the olfactory overload We must rush our prayer before the food gets cold But Lord, I'd like to take a few minute more To really give thanks to what I'm thankful for   For my family, my health, a nice soft bed My friends, my freedom, a roof over my head I'm thankful right now to be surrounded by those Whose lives touch me more than they'll ever possibly know   Thankful Lord, that You've blessed me beyond measure [...]

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A New Road

As the kids, staff and I watch the excavation of what we formerly called our playground take place I can't help but reminisce on what was there previously.  It was an area of child's play, of running super sonic fast, a place to climb and hide, Land to dig and discover earth worms and spiders. It was known for the countless soccer, baseball, football and chase games. It was home to the infamous climber that most teachers didn't care for but the children loved and achieved great accomplishments of independence and strength. On the chopped up mulch lived a very friendly caterpillar that could be climbed on, slid down and ridden on. In the middle of this mulchy area was a great climbing structure that stretched to the sky. It quickly became a pirate ship, and a restaurant where the most flavorful mud ice cream cones were sold. At a glance the children could be seen singing from the tower or giving a loud warning to the "bad" guys that the "good" guys were there to save the day. On the really hot days of summer the little ones would sit beneath its shade and find comfort from the sun. It provided us with great moments in time and we are thankful for those opportunities. Now in the playgrounds space is turned up sod and mulch. Piles and piles of gravel sit beside the once kid friendly land. There is every kind of yellow construction machinery thing out there doing its job. The kids are having a ball watching what is taking place. I personally find great comfort in that fact because you see I am resistant to change. I like my routine and my [...]

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Picnic time!!!!

Dear Awesome Kids Families, The weather is cooler and the leaves are starting to slowly fall from their branches which means Fall is here! What a great time to be outside and play. One of the things we as a preschool staff strive to do is to get to know our families and give opportunity for our families to meet each other. What better way to do that than meeting at a park to picnic and play! Please join us on Monday, September 30 at Leawood City Park at 12:30pm and play until 2:00pm. You’ll need to bring your lunches, drinks and utensils. We have reserved the pavilion next to the large playground the Lion’s Shelter. If it’s a rainy day please check our  website for an update regarding needing to cancel. Help us pray for good weather!! Looking forward to seeing you all there! Blessings, Bonnie Traynor Here is the link to Leawood City Park.

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Back to School Night – Parents Only

Awesome Kids Preschool’s Back to School Night (Parent’s Only – No Child Care) will be held Tuesday, September 17. This is an important time for you to meet and hear the goals and expectations of your child’s teacher for the upcoming year. The sessions are listed below: · 1st session 6:30 to 7:00pm for the (Mon./Wed./Fri.) students · 2nd session 7:20 to 7:50pm for the (Tues/Thurs.) students Students who attend 4 or 5 days may choose either session. We hope to see you all here!

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Construction News & Updates

Christ Community Church will be adding an addition to their existing facility. The new structure will be built onto the preschool’s current playground. The preschool will have an awesome temporary playground for the kiddos to use until our NEW and improved playground will be built next spring. Due to construction, our normal preschool entrance will be temporarily closed. This will change how we handle drop off and pick up of the kiddos. Please watch our website and Facebook for detailed instructions and updates. The preschool will also be sending out an email to all the registered families regarding this issue. Click here to see the parking map.

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